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Shibaland new metaverse token in bsc

What do you know about digital lands?

We currently offer (or plan to offer)the following services to help you enter and engage in the metaverse with SHIBALAND

1:buying and selling of virtual real estate across the metaverses{shibaland}

2:development of virtual land(we help bring your dream to life)

3:expert level consulting for all major metaverses with Shibaland

What is the Shibaland?

AbstractSince the crypto bull run of 2021, there has been a surge of activity and interest on theBinance Smart Chain Network.

Spearheaded by SAFEMOON.we are now witnessing hundreds of projects being launchedevery day that are each wanting a seat at the BSC market place table.All these projects are competing and the noteworthy ones have offered a unique selling pointthat makes them stand out above the rest.

$Shibaland is a solution that combines the 4best protocols in the Bep20 token crypto spaceto create a truly powerful crypto:ShibalandAs a testament to how powerful Shibaland already is,

🐶What is Shibaland?

Shibaland is a hayper-deflationary.inclusive and ethical BEP20 token.

It employs 4 popular protocols.

combing themtogether in the smart contract code to give it the strength of 4tokens in one.Each of thesefeatures give Shibaland a unique position in the market.allowing it to weather any type ofstorm.FeaturesThe 4 features that Shibaland combines are:💥Burn💫Buyback🍡Reflection💢Marketing,&Development




Buyback and Burn=6%

Burn time:1%

Marketing and liquidty:3%

Max supply:1,000,000,000

Max buy:30m shibaland



Q1:>> Create a Teleram &Twitter

>> launch the website

> publish the white paper

>> launch to pancakeSwap v2

>> telegram 2000 member

>> 1000 shibaland army holder

>> listing on bscscan

>> Burn 20% of total supply

>> listing on secondary Listing services such as coin hunt watcher coin sniper…

>> Listing on coin Gecko and coin market cap

>> telegram member 10000

>> Holder 10000

>> Expand team of moderators

>> Adding live counters to website to show token price market cap holders andcirculating supply

>> integrate wallet webapps into the website

>> listing on at least one exchange


UP soon for launching metaverse service For work with UPLAND&Shibaland🐶🐕🌐




White paper



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